With its smart "paperless" digital delivery solutions, Artronic started the implementation and testing phase in Centrosinergija, and the deadline for go live is January 4, 2023.

We are pleased to announce that by the beginning of January 2023. our digital delivery system will be integrated into the logistics processes of Centrosinergia - a distribution and logistics company and member of the Moj Kiosk Group.

The company has chosen Artronic's "paperless" delivery system because it offers complete digital logistics documentation on a tablet, including signatures and automatic generation of all necessary documents in PDF format, saving them in an electronic archive, and saving resources in the most demanding business processes.

The system covers the entire logistics process until the vehicle’s return to the distribution center:

  • automatic optimization of delivery routes
  • planning and handover of goods during loading
  • delivery schedule, and delivery verification
  • return of goods
  • packing and pallet control
  • control of daily receipts

The Track&Trace system provides real-time information for distribution and complete transparency of the process, available to the customer, the delivery person, management and all those involved.